Current Crafts

Currently I’m working on some paper and yarn crafts. Here’s what I’m doing right now as I watch America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion (and when that’s over, back to House MD on Netflix) It’s a hexagon blanket for my soon to be nephew, Hunter. My brother just got married to my lovely new sister …

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Couple hour button up cowl (with button holes and pattern!) Knitathon entry 2

I did this in a couple hours, and added actual button holes. Yay! Here’s a pic Here’s the pattern Needed Bulky yarn Knitting loom with 18 pegs or more (knitted as a flat panel) Stitches used E-wrap knit Purl Knit 2 together Pattern Cast on using crochet (chain) cast on or e-wrap, your choice. Row …

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What I’m planning

First, I’m working on Sweet on Ruffles from the Invisible Loom. It’s going well. I’m all cast on and ready to start decreasing. Here’s what it’ll look like: Here’s mine at the last pic I took, different colours. Not as ruffly, more lacey: Next, I am doing a traditional wingspan in a gorgeous dark blue and …

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Current projects on the loom

Currently I’m working on “Sweet on Ruffles” with 36 pegs from The Invisible Loom. Here’s where I’m at, still casting on. It’s for my moms co-worker, who is battling olfactory neuroblastoma. She has a 70{96d9c1d6bc28aa617a2c0d2dab59ba8636d7e595fdb685915deba19e02e53c21} chance for 10 years without recurrence, which is are damn good odds for that type of cancer. They caught it …

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