loom knitting


Purl: (P) This is used often, and is quite simple once you get the hang of it. It is basically the opposite of a knit stitch. Put the knitting tool through the loop on the peg from top to bottom, grab the working yarn with the tool, pull it up through the loop and remove that …

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Knit Stitches

E-wrap:  (K, EW, EWK) The most basic knit stitch, used most commonly. Wrap the peg and lift the existing loop over. This is the loosest knit stitch.   U-Wrap Knit (UW, U-wrap, UK) This is like doing a half stitch, but in reverse. You take the yarn and put it in front of the peg, and wrap …

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Avalanche – Free Loom Knit Textured Cowl Pattern (FREE PDF on Ravelry)

Avalanche Cowl For Knitting Looms Converted by Sandra Glover Original: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/gossypium Recommended Yarn: Worsted weight (on a 3/8″ gauge loom, thicker for bigger gauge) Recommended Loom: Multiples of 10* (in the round) Example: CinDwood 90 Peg 1/2” small afghan loom for a large cowl/small infinity scarf.  CinDwood 120 Peg 1/2” afghan loom for an infinity scarf …

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Photo dump

Some stuff I’ve made the past little while. I’m posting a tutorial on some of it eventually. Just been busy! First pic, starting a circle sweater which I have to rip out. Second pic. Swirl Hat by The Invisible Loom done using purls instead of ribbing with eyelets. Triple-Z rainbow pastel hat. Another variation of …

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