Red Sky in the Morning Lace Cowl for Loom Knitters FREE Pattern

Red Skies in the Morning

For Knitting Looms

Pattern by Sandra Glover

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Loom: This cowl can be made on any loom with a multiple of 6 stitches, in the round. Small – use the 36 peg Knifty Knitter 3/4” gauge with a chunky yarn. Finer gauge? Myself, I’m using the 90 peg CinDwood 3/8” fine gauge loom. Want more of an infinity scarf? Try the 90 or 120 1/2” looms by CinDwood. Any adjustable will do, set the size, and it’ll work out!

Yarn: I used approx. 220 yds of Loops & Threads Manchester in Gray.

Weight: Worsted (9 wpi)

Gauge 20.0 sts = 4 inches


What You Need:

  • Loom with a Multiple of 6 Pegs in the round

  • Knitting tool/pick

  • One skein of yarn of your choice, anything works. Lace for a warm day, chunky for us Canucks, or something in between for the Fall and Spring.

  • About 200-300 yds yarn, depending on loom size/bulkiness

  • Crochet hook (for cast on)

  • Stationary Stitch markers (optional, but they really help)

Crochet cast on desired number of stitches and connect in the round


Start and Finish

Rows 1-6: *(K3, P6) around

Knitted Bind Off

*I always do this from left to right

  • After finishing your final row of (K3, P3) your working yarn will between your last peg, and peg 1.

  • Wrap peg 2 and knit over.

  • Move loop on Peg 2 to peg 1 and knit over.

  • Now there is an empty peg between Peg 3 and Peg 1

  • Move the loop on Peg 1 to Peg 2

  • Now Peg 2 is Peg 1

* Repeat until all but one loop remains. Cut yarn, attach a tapestry needle, pull the needle with yarn from bottle to top through the loop, tighten, weave in ends.

: E-wrap Knit

P: Purl

K2Tog: Knit 2 loops on peg as if they were one (comes after moving pegs around)

YO: Place yarn in front of peg, do not e-wrap

eg: Move Peg 1>2: Move the loop on peg 1 to peg 2

Pattern Repeat



R1: *(K4, Move Peg 6 to 5, Knit the two loops on peg 5 together as one (K2Tog), place the yarn in front of peg 6 (yarn over, YO)) and repeat this until you come around the loom, back to peg 1. Peg 6 will be empty after moving pegs, and peg 5 will have 2 loops.

R3: *(K3, Peg 5>4, 6>5, K2Tog Peg 4, K1, Yo Peg 6)

R5: *(K2, Peg 4>3, 5>4, 6>5, K2Tog Peg 3, K2, YO Peg 6)

R7: *(K1, Peg 3>2, 4>3, 5>4, 6>5, K2Tog Peg 2, K3, Yo Peg 6)

R9: *(Peg 2>1, 3>2, 4>3, 5>4, 6>5, K2Tog Peg 1, K4, YO Peg 6)

*2nd half of repeat*

R11: *(Peg 5>6, 4>5, 3>4, 2>3, 1>2, YO Peg 1, K4, K2Tog Peg 6) around. Peg 1 will be empty after moving pegs, and peg 6 will have 2 loops before working the K2Tog.

R13: *(K1, Peg 5>6, 4>5, 3>4, 2>3, YO Peg 2, K3, K2Tog Peg 6)

R15: *(K2, Peg 5>6, 4>5, 3>4, YO Peg 3, K2, K2Tog Peg 6)

R17: *(K3, Peg 5>6, 4>5, YO Peg Peg 4, K1, K2Tog Peg 6)

R19: *(K4, Peg 5>6, YO Peg 5, K2Tog Peg 6)

Work the pattern repeat (rows 1-20) 3-5 times (I did 3 reps – 60 rows + 12 rows of ribbing), then do the finish (K3, P3 for 6 rows) and knitted cast off loosely. Weave in the ends, block if you please, and enjoy!

On the Loom

Showing the front of my 90 peg CinDwood loom (note my use of paperclips as stitch markers) with a couple of sections of the 6 stitch pattern repeat. I’ve finished 2 repeats at this point.


Having fun with my iPhone Panorama feature. Just over 2 repeats, with the ribbed beginning. The loom is straight, I wobbled a bit. This shows the entire loom/one side.

Finished on the loom (3 repeats)


Off the loom, needs a good steam block


This should keep me warm this winter!


Also a head warmer!



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