Purl: (P) This is used often, and is quite simple once you get the hang of it. It is basically the opposite of a knit stitch. Put the knitting tool through the loop on the peg from top to bottom, grab the working yarn with the tool, pull it up through the loop and remove that loop from the peg, and put the new loop you just formed onto the peg. Be careful not to pull too tight, keep the working yarn loose.

How to

The working yarn is teal, the yarn on the peg is purple.

Step 1:

Put your hook in the front of the peg, and grab the working yarn with the hook, and pull it up and through the yarn on the peg.

Step 2: 

Pull the working yarn through the yarn on the peg and form a loop.

Step 3: 

Pull the loop of the working yarn off and over the peg, so no yarn remains on the peg. Keep the loop open.

Step 4: 

Place the loop you created with the working yarn back onto the peg.



Step 2: