I’m going to work on the site, I promise!

One year on testosterone. Click to view full size.

I’m still in the process of migrating the site from one server and URL to another. So there are some broken links. If you come upon one, comment on the page that had the broken link, please!

I have a lot of what I need to fill in (dictionary, loom reviews), it’s just copy and paste, but I’ve been so busy!

I’m working, and I’m going back to school in September, for Millwright (industrial mechanic).

I am knitting, but I don’t have any pics. Also, I look a LOT different than last year! I’ll show the pic in this post.

The other image is from a pattern called Three Gardens. It’s a textured shawl, asymmetrical. I love textured shawls now! I used Caron Cakes. I also got a whole bunch for Christmas, and another CinDwood 90 peg 3/8″ adjustable loom! How awesome is that, its my favourite, as is my 90 peg 1/2″ CinDwood (round) loom. I love them equally, and now I can start more and more projects.

I’ve got Three Gardens Cast on my 90 peg 1/2″ loom. I started a Dudester scarf. I’m frogging a lace shawl, I royally screwed it up before the halfway point. ARGH. I have lots of yarn. Lots of patterns. Lots of looms.