Growing Leaves Cowl Adapted For the Knitting Loom

IMG_0135I found this pattern in the free section of cowls, with charts, for needle knitting. Now I’ll show you how I did it for the loom. I’ll say its an intermediate pattern because the pegs get moved around a lot. It took me a day and a half to do, using 90 pegs in the round, and I love it.
This pattern may look confusing, so I included a chart. Once you’ve done a couple rows, it gets easier.
What You Need

  • A round loom (or loom that can be used in the round, like the All In One or similar) that has a multiple of 15 pegs. Each section is 15 pegs. So a 60 peg would work, I used a 90 peg loom, the 90 peg small afghan loom from CinDwood
  • Stitch markers aren’t necessary, but they sure help.
  • A crochet hook for cast on and bind off.
  • About 250-300 yards of yarn. I used worsted weight, size 4.
  • A tapestry needle for weaving in ends.


  • K: Knit, e-wrap
  • P: Purl
  • YO: Yarn over. Take the yarn, place it in front of the peg, do not wrap, and continue on with your next stitch. You will be doing this on empty pegs
  • k2tog: Knit 2 together. After moving the yarn from peg to peg, some pegs will have 2 loops.Wrap the peg and lift both loops over as if it were one stitch.
  • When I have brackets like this [9>8, 8>7] it means move the stitch from peg 8 to peg 7, and then move the yarn from peg 9 to peg 8.

Crochet cast on your multiple of 15 pegs (for me, 90 pegs) and join in the round. Place a stitch marker on every 15th peg. This is the last peg you’ll use in each of the 15 peg repeats.
Row 1-3: (K2, P9, K2, P2) all the way around, repeating from *.
Now to start the leaves pattern.
You’ll be back at peg 1.
The 16 row repeat
Row 1: 
(K10, move yarn on peg 12> 11, peg 12 is empty. Knit the two stitches on peg 11 together, place the yarn in front of peg 12, don’t wrap, just yarn over (YO), K1, P2) Repeat around the loom.
Row 2: (K9, [move yarn on pegs 11>10, 12>11, 13>12], K2tog on peg 10, k2, yo peg 13,P2)
Row 3: *(K8,[ 11>10, 10>9], k2tog on peg 9, k1, yo peg 11, k2, P2)
Row 4: 
(K7, [12>11, 11>10, 10>9, 9>8], ktog on peg 8, k3, yo peg 12, k1, P2)
Row 5: (K6, [9>8, 8>7], k2tog on peg 7, k2, yo peg 9, k4, P2)
Row 6: 
(K5, [[11>10, 10>9, 9>8, 8>7, 7>6) k2tog peg 6, k4, yo peg 11, k2, P2)
Row 7: (K4, [9>8, 8>7, 7>6, 6>5], k2tog on peg 5, k3, yo peg 9, k4, P2)
Row 8: 
(K3, [10>9, 9>8, 8>7, 7>6, 6>5, 5>4) k2tog on peg 4, k5, yo peg 10, k3, P2)

  • This is the second half of the repeat. You’ll be moving the pegs around opposite to before, so the yarn over will come before the knit 2 together.

Row 9: (k1 , [2>3] yo peg 2, k2tog on peg 3, k10, P2)
Row 10: 
([3>4, 2>3, 1>2], yo peg 1, k2, k2tog on peg 4, K9, P2)
Row 11: (K2, [4>5, 3>4], yo peg 3, k1, k2tog peg 5, k8, P2)
Row 12: *(K1, [5>6, 4>5, 3>4, 2>2, yo peg 2, K3, ktog on peg 6, k7, P2)
Row 13: 
(K3, [6>5, 5>6, 5>6, 4>5] yo peg 4, k2tog on peg 7, k6, P2)
Row 14: (K2, [7>8, 6>7, 5>6, 4>5, 3>4], yo peg 3, k4, k2tog on peg 8, k5, P2)
Row 15: 
(K4, [8>9, 7>8, 6>7, 5>6], yo peg 5, k3, k2tog on peg 9, K4, P2)
Row 16: *(K3, [9>10, 8>9, 7>8, 6>7, 5>6, 4>5) yo peg 4, K5, k2tog on peg 10, K3, P2)
Repeat the Beginning *(K2, P9, K2, P2) for 3 rows and crochet cast off, chaining one in between every stitch. You can use other bind offs, but this is my favourite.

9 thoughts on “Growing Leaves Cowl Adapted For the Knitting Loom”

  1. after I do the leaves pattern from start to finish do I just keep repeating that part of the pattern over & over again or do I do the beginning rows then the pattern again?

    1. You do the beginning rows, then rows 1-16 (or however many there are) and once you’ve done that repeat, you do it again from #1, and then finish the border the way you started. You can do as many repeats as you like.

  2. love love love this pattern! you do such fantastic work converting needle knit patterns perhaps you could help me understand how to PSSO on a loom? thanks u!

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve never really done a psso on the loom, but it is a decrease and involves moving pegs. I used a chart for the Growing Leaves pattern, I’m still learning!

  3. I couldn’t find a way to send you an email, but I would like your permission to adapt your pattern for a Scarf. I have a Loom-A-Long group on FaceBook and we selected this, and two other Cowl patterns for our April LAL. Tammy Doris (above) did a beautiful rendition of your Cowl and wanted to adapt it for a Hat and Scarf. She was very successful on the Hat, but was having difficulties with the Scarf and I offered to Chart and write a pattern. I would of course, reference you and your website in the final pattern.
    Thank you.

    1. Because of the peg shifting, it would be very difficult to transform it into a scarf, which is knit flat, rather in the round. But that’s so cool you’ve used the pattern. I’m glad someone is using it!! Thank you.

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