Basics – Selvage Stitches (Slip stitch, half stitch)

A selvage stitch is a stitch that is worked when it’s come to, but isn’t part of the pattern design. A selvage stitch is used to keep the edges from unraveling, or just a way to make a neat, consistent edge. It’s used mostly with garter (knit one row, purl the next) or stockingette (knit all) and the two stitches described below create a garter selvage.

Slip Stitch: (sl, sl sts, sl 1)

A slip stitch is done at the beginning of a row. It just means you skip the stitch. Bring the yarn behind the peg, and work the next peg.

Half Stitch: (hs)

A half stitch is done at the end of a row. Wrap the working yarn around the (last) peg of the row, halfway around. This is like half of an e-wrap.  You can half stitch towards the front or back, its personal preference, but the front is looser. I prefer wrapping towards the back, or inside of the loom.