Avalanche – Free Loom Knit Textured Cowl Pattern (FREE PDF on Ravelry)

Avalanche Cowl


For Knitting Looms

Converted by Sandra Glover

Original: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/gossypium

Recommended Yarn: Worsted weight (on a 3/8″ gauge loom, thicker for bigger gauge)

Recommended Loom: Multiples of 10* (in the round)

  • Example: CinDwood 90 Peg 1/2” small afghan loom for a large cowl/small infinity scarf.
  •  CinDwood 120 Peg 1/2” afghan loom for an infinity scarf
  •  CinDwood 90 Peg 3/8” fine gauge adjustable loom for a cowl
  •  Any adjustable loom in any gauge, such as KB, Cottage or KISS
  • Even a 41 peg Knifty Knitter large gauge loom can be use if you knit the last peg after your 4th repeat.

* Stitch markers make life easier, place one on Peg 1, and Peg 10, peg 20, etc…




Crochet cast on preferred number of pegs (in a multiple of 10) and join in the round.

*All knits are e-wrap knits

*All even rows are knit rows

Begin: *(K3, P2) around for 4 rows

8 row repeat (all rows are repeated all the way around)

*Even rows are knit rows (not shown on chart)

R1: (P2, Move Peg 6>7, 5>6, 4>5, 3>4, YO Peg 3, K3, K2Tog Peg 7, K3)

R3: (P2, K1, Move Peg 7>8, 6>7, 5>6, 4>5, YO Peg 4, K3, K2Tog Peg 8, K2)

R5: (P2, K2, Move Peg 8>9, 7>8, 6>7, 5>6, YO Peg 5, K3, K2Tog Peg 9, K1)

R7: (P2, K3, Move Peg 9>10, 8>9, 7>8, 6>7, YO Peg 6, K3, K2Tog Peg 10)

Rep Rows 1-8 6 Times, ending last repeat on Row 7

End: *(K3, P2) around for 4 rows

Cast off loosely with your favourite method and block and enjoy!