2 newly loom knit shawls, patterns by The Invisible Loom

I’ve been pretty bummed out and often angry. My father passed away June 19, and it’s difficult to process. Knitting helps.

The first shawl, from Renees book “Small Shawls and Tea Parties” is called Spiced Chai. It’s a shawlette, I used 45 pegs on my 66 peg 1/2 CinDwood loom. It’s not blocked yet, but it’s really soft and I love the lace sections. It was a pretty quick knit. I used Lion Brands Ice Cream yarn, a baby yarn I love for gradients and have made almost everything out of one flavour or another.


Another view

The next shawl is from the first shawls book by Renee at The Invisible Loom. I’ve made it once before, about 5 years ago! It has a cool lace repeat. It’s not blocked yet. I used Caron Cakes big cakes, so that’s where the colours and striping come  in. Like most loom knit shawls, it was done sideways/modular. I used 60 pegs on my 66 peg 1/2 inch CinDwood loom, pretty much one of my number one looms. Second is my half inch 90 peg, tied with my fine gauge 3/8 inch 90 peg adjustable, also by CinDwood. Love her looms!

It’s a full sized shawl, and warm and cozy with the thicker DK weight yarn, but you can’t miss the lace pattern. A very enjoyable project to knit up. I finished 3 of 4 sections in one day (include sleepless night)

I love Caron Cakes as well. Love how the colours turned out.